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Web Site Description
The Bad Dog Chronicles let Fido and Fifi share their misdeeds with other Net-connected canines and their masters. If you've ever had a furry doggie member of the family that's caused a ruckus or wrecked your belongings, you will have loads of fun reading about other owners' plights. Plus, you (or your dog) can add your own story, complete with damage total and a friendly reply from the four-footed Webmaster, Emily.

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Book Description
A collection of the best stories from Doug Brown's, where bad dogs have an opportunity to relate their finest moments. Each story is told by the offender himself, giving the narrator a unique chance to share his pride in his accomplishments and the resulting costs incurred by his owners. Photographs of the bad dogs accompany many stories. Reader's who've had a trying experience with their dog will relate to the misadventures in this book. They'll even get a chance to vote for the worst dog in the book!

Puppies only a mother could love

If you've ever told anyone a funny story about your furry (or feathered, or whatever) companion, you'll enjoy the Bad Dog Chronicles a site devoted entirely to stories of dog derring-do. The stories are interesting, at least if you like animals, and the site's overall layout and design are good.

The stories are broken up into two groups, "best of the litter" and a catalogue of all submissions, and every story lists the date it was posted, the breed of dog involved (sorry, canines only here) and, where applicable, the monetary damage he wreaked. You can read the stories, or you can submit one of your own. And if you're only interested in reading stories about, say, dachshunds, you can use the site's search engine to custom-tailor your reading selection.

From a practical perspective, I suppose this site could theoretically be used to tell which types of dogs are the most destructive, or if you're considering a specific breed, you could maybe tell how the dog is likely to act out. (Dachshunds seem to dig a lot, which makes sense, considering that's what they were bred for.) However, the site was mostly intended just for fun, which reflects in the postings -- all written in first-person narrative from the dog's perspective.

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If Rover gets into trouble, don't say, "Bad dog." Instead, visit this site and relish tales of other people's recalcitrant pooches. If Rover's behavior still seems bad, go ahead and submit your story.

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Stories of mans' best friend being particularly unfriendly. You might say this site's bark is worse than its bite.

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